Saturday, March 3, 2012

The Good Side of Spiders

He wants to give you a 7-legged hug!
Friend: i hate spiders!~!

Veritas: Spiders don't hate you, though! In fact, you may have heard this already, but spiders are actually terribly afraid of you, because they know it is you who is the dangerous one. ;D

Compare the number of spiders that we kill to the number of humans that spiders kill. Not a fair number, now is it? :P Even worse, almost every single time they bite humans, they reduce the venom used, as it is just self-defense.

In addition, spiders kill disease-carrying insects, like flies and mosquitoes. Without this, you are significantly more likely to catch a sickness or serious disease from these insects! :O

Did you know only two people die per year from spider bites, and none of them are in the USA (the home of the black widow and brown recluse)? 

Those two that die, per year, are actually due to allergic reactions rather than straight up venom. Seventy-three people per year die due to lightning strikes, so you are 3650% more likely to die from lightning than spiders, and human lightning strikes are relatively rare.

Spider Woman, the Pueblo creation goddess
Also, spiders are said to bring good luck, a spider amulet "luring and capturing" wealth for you much as a spider does its prey. Even more impressively, the Pueblo Indians goddess of all creation was Spider Woman, or the Creation Thinker Woman. She was wise, powerful, and beloved.

So spiders are not all that bad, believe it or not! I wouldn't go grabbing and bothering them, but if you let them do their business, they will provide you with all sorts of good luck (even if it's just the good luck they bring by killing those disease-ridden insects)! :]

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